Make a connection with Microsoft Azure

Realize a safe and SLA-based private connection between Microsoft Azure and your infrastructure.


Experience a faster, private connection with Azure


With ExpressRoute, you will have a fast and reliable connection with Azure. As a result, this service is suitable for scenarios such as periodic data migration, replication for business continuity, repair after emergency situations and other strategies for which a high level of accessibility is required. It may be an advantageous option for transferring large quantities of data, such as data sets for advanced calculation applications, or transferring from large virtual machines between your development/test environment within a virtual private cloud of Azure and your on-premises production environment.


With ExpressRoute you can safely add calculation and storage capacity to your existing data center. With a high transit and short waiting times, Azure feels like a natural expansion of your data center, so that you can benefit from the scale and advantage of the public cloud without having to compromise in the area of network performances.


With the predictable, reliable connections with a high transit of ExpressRoute, you build applications which comprise the on-premises infrastructure and Azure, without compromising on privacy or performances. For instance, you can carry out a company intranet application in Azure and thereby verify users with an on-premises Active Directory service, and thus serve all the company users without traffic ever taking place via the public internet.


With Azure ExpressRoute, you can make private connections between Windows Azure data centers and infrastructure at your location or in a co-location environment. ExpressRoute connections do not take place via the public internet. These connections offer a higher level of reliability, higher speeds, shorter waiting times and a higher level of security than customary connections via the internet. In some cases, the use of ExpressRoute connections for transferring data between your on-premises systems and Azure result in considerable cost savings.