Migrating to a cloud or hybrid infrastructure

Are you moving to an office with no data center? Or do you have to upgrade your data center and are you not looking forward to the investments? Or are you in search of flexible combinations of on-premises and cloud storage? There are numerous reasons to evaluate your current infrastructure.

Virtualization, cloud technology or hybrid technology offer cost-efficient, reliable and safe solutions for your data and applications.

The 4 advantages of a hybrid and cloud-based infrastructure


A cloud-based data center does not require any large investments. The use of a cloud infrastructure is entered as a monthly expense.


Dynamic companies need solutions which grow along with the company. A cloud-based infrastructure can quickly be scaled up or scaled down.


Cloud computing is extremely safe with regard to loss of data. If you would still like more control, then hybrid or private cloud technology is probably the solution for you.


The capacity of most servers is underutilized. By means of virtualization or transferring to a cloud infrastructure, you can operate several virtual servers and operating systems without purchasing any machines.