WANTED : Project Manager

Wanted : Project Manager

Who are we?

We are a small but dynamic team with expertise in the cloud, who are looking for driven and
self-managing freelance IT staff. We describe ourselves as a kinetic ordanization that is always on the move, possessing a rapid response capacity and ignoring traditional hierarchical boundaries. Humor and self-relativization are of paramount importance, which explains our preference for people with a corner.

Who are we looking for? Job content

As Project Manager you will be working on projects from A-Z and preferably have a technical background. This means: carrying out studies, making analyzes, developing and implementing projects, … in which you get full responsibility with the necessary support from your other colleagues. you are able to do several projects at the same time, will update platforms and take care of the digital interface. you have:

An analytical ability: Every successful project starts with the correct understanding of the objectives to be realized. you will have to make sure that your client’s request is crystal clear, determine which profiles are needed to realize the project and formulate the right subtasks for every employee in your team. Moreover, you are responsible for ensuring that the term set for each sub-task eventually leads to a timely delivery within the budget.

Proactivity: As a project manager you must be able to estimate the risk factors for your project in advance. For each of these risks you need the right measures to avoid or limit any damage.

People Skills: Within your project you will not take care of the implementation of the tasks, but you ensure that every task is brought to a successful conclusion. This means that you will have to lead and coach people so that they remain motivated.

Stress resistance: No matter how good your risk assessment may be, unforeseen circumstances can never be entirely ruled out. It goes without saying that you have to have the necessary cold-bloodedness to deal with these obstacles.

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