Who are we?

Altogee is a dynamic organization with various experts, each with their own expertise within the sector. They make use of this complementarity to offer their customers as much as possible.

“We describe ourselves as a kinetic organization which is always on the move, has a fast reaction capacity and ignores traditional hierarchic limits. The fact that we are a young company has not stopped us so far from entering into collaborations with large companies. Meanwhile, as a result of this we have also achieved a Microsoft Gold Certificate. We are very goal-oriented and committed, as result of which we find transparency, working custom-made and professionalism towards the customer of elemental importance within a collaboration.”

What do we do?

“We offer an enterprise IT approach, custom-made for small and medium-sized companies.”
Altogee was set up on the basis of the observation that many SMEs and local departments of multinationals remain in the cold with regard to professional ICT services: there are few ICT service providers who offer the strategic approach of a large ICT partner and at the same time the flexibility of a small party. Altogee has as its mission to support small and medium-sized companies with ICT solutions adapted to their specific business needs.

We always use the starting point of a business case and search for the smartest, most pragmatic and most effective solution which supports your company objectives. Furthermore, you will have direct contact with the people who will execute the projects. In this way, you receive the best of both worlds.

Client Journey