ICT Start With A Plan



The advantages of the Altogee approach


Ready for the future

The company infrastructure must be able to connect with the

outside world in order to enable integration with other systems and mobile work. At the same time, companies are under pressure from customers, suppliers or parent organizations to professionalize their IT systems: policies, IT and Security audits are imposed upon them.
Altogee helps with the switch to a flexible, more future-oriented and yet safe IT infrastructure.

ICT which supports business objectives

In many SMEs, updates and maintenance swallow up all the ICT time. People do not get time to expand ICT systems

which support the business objectives.
By choosing managed services, companies can enjoy top-performing ICT systems and at the same time ICT employees can focus on increasing the productivity of the company.

No large investments

At regular intervals, companies are faced with large IT investments

both in software and in hardware.
By choosing managed services and cloud technology, large investments are avoided: software and infrastructure are entered as a monthly cost. In addition, capacity can be easily scaled within the function of your growth.

Attracting and retaining ICT people

Dedicated ICT employees need challenges. If their tasks mainly consist of support and

maintenance, they will soon seek a job elsewhere.
If you outsource routine tasks to an external ICT administrator, you will remove a burden from your valuable ICT employees, so that they can find their professional challenge in expanding the business


Aviapartner was fully deployed on Citrix, but they found this to be a cost-inefficient solution for Aviapartner. With a help from Altogee, they chose to try Awingu deployed on Microsoft’s Azure platform. read more on Awingu’s site here

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